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In this page i present an overview of the literature i have collected and (partially) use. Some articles that are old enough to not have copyright i have scanned.
Below the literature there is also a list with interesting links on the Internet.

My own articles

  1. Freshwater bryozoans or moss animals in Micscape magazine
  2. Photographs of Cristatella mucedo statoblasts in Micscape magazine


The second column indicates the format of the literature: A = article, B = book, C = chapter.

Reference Type Title Author Year Language ISBN Scan Loc.
[Allman 1852] A On the homology of the organs of the Tunicata and the Polyzoa G. J. Allman 1852 English   No scan 12.9
[Allman 1856] B A monograph of the fresh-water polyzoa including all the known species, both British and foreign G. J. Allman 1856 English   Scan shelf
[Allman 1879] A The anniversary address of the President Prof Allman - Recent progress in our knowledge of the structure and development of the Phylcatolarmatous polyzoa G. J. Allman 1879 English   No scan 2.8
[Ambrogi 1981] A Distribution of bryozoans in backish waters of Italy A.O. Ambrogi 1981 English   No scan 10.4
[Ambrogi 1982] A Considerations ecologiques sur les bryozoaires vivant dans les milieux a salinite variable Anna O. Ambrogi 1982 English   No scan 10.9
[Armitrage] A The zoological record 103 - Bryozoa (Polyzoa) Patrick D. Armitrage   English   No scan 11.6
[Atkins 1932] A The ciliary feeding mechanism of Entoproct Polyzoa and a comparison with that of the Ectoproct Polyzoa D. Atkins 1932 English   No scan 2.1
[Backus] C Bryon Backus on Bryozoa Bryon Backus   English   No scan 12.1
[Banta 1967] A A new species of Victorella from Southern California (Bryozoa: Cheilostomata) W. Banta 1967 English   No scan 15.8
[Banta 1969] A The Body Wall of Cheilostome Bryozoa II. Interzoidal Communication Organs W. Banta 1969 English   No scan 15.4
[Barnes 2005] A Environmental Factors affecting the Settlement and Growth of the Freshwater Bryozoan, Fredericella Indica (Ectoprocta), In One Harbor of Southern Lake Michigan Barnes et al 2005 English   No scan 12.6
[Barth] C The Invertebrate world Barth/Broshears   English 0-03-013276-2 No scan Shelf
[Bassler 1920] A The Bryozoa or Moss Animals R.S. Bassler 1920 English   No scan 9.1
[Bernauer 2006] A Recent invasions of alien macroinvertebrates and loss of native species in the upper Rhine River, Germany Dietmar Bernauer and Wolfgang Jansen 2006 English   No scan 13.3
[Bilton 2001] A Dispersal in freshwater invertebrates David T. Bilton et al 2001 English   No scan 12.3
[Bonnevie 1907] A Untersuchungen uber Keimzellen II. Physiologische Polyspermie bei Bryozoen K. Bonnevie 1907 Deutsch   No scan 14.11
[Borg 1930] C Die Tierwelt Deutschlands 17. Teil - Molluscoidea und Tunicata F. Borg 1930 Deutsch   Scan Shelf
[Braem 1890] B Untersuchungen über die Bryozoen des süssen Wassers Dr. F. Braem 1890 Deutsch   No scan Shelf
[Braem 1897] B Die geschlechtliche Entwickelung von Plumatella fungosa Dr. F. Braem 1897 Deutsch   No scan Shelf
[Braem 1908] B Die geschlechtliche Entwickelung von Fredericella sultana Dr. F. Braem 1908 Deutsch   No scan Shelf
[Braem 1911] B Die variationen bei den Statoblasten von Pectinatella magnifica Dr. F. Braem 1911 Deutsch   No scan 9.8
[Braem 1914] B Die knospung von Paludicella Dr. F. Braem 1914 Deutsch   No scan 3.10
[Braem 1951] B Über Victorella F. Braem 1951 Deutsch   No scan Shelf
[Brandwein 1909] C Die Süsswasserfauna Deutschlands, heft 19: Mollusca, Nemertini, Bryozoen A. Brauer 1909 Deutsch   No scan 1.8
[Brattström 1954] C Notes on Victorella pavida KENT H. Brattström 1954 English   Scan 10.2
[Brandwein 1938] C The culture of Pectinatella magnifica Leidy P. Brandwein 1938 English   No scan Shelf
[Brauer 1961] C Die Susswasserfaune Deutschlands - heft 19 - Mollusca, Nemertini, Bryozoa, Tubbellaria, Tricladida, spongillidae, Hydrozoa Brauer 1961 Deutsch   No scan 13.6
[Brien 1938] B Contribution a l'etude de la reproduction asexuee des phylactolemates Paul Brien 1938? Francais   No scan Shelf
[British Museum 1954] B Instructions for collectors - Invertebrate animals other than insects Britisch Museum 1954 English   No scan 13.9
[Brooks 1929] A Notes on the Statoblasts and Polypids of Pectinatella Magnifica Chandler M. Brooks 1929 English   No scan 15.12
[Brown 1933] B A limnological study of certain fresh-water polyzoa with special reference to their statoblasts J. D. Brown 1933 English   No scan 7.0
[Bushnell 1971a] A Honeycomb colonies of Plumatella casmiana Oka (Ectoprocta: Phylactolaemata) John H. Bushnell and Thimothy S. Wood 1971 English   No scan 3.12
[Calleghan 2002] A Summer dormancy as a refuge from mortality in the freshwater bryozoan Plumatella emarginata T. Callaghan, R. Karlson 2002 English   No scan 2.4
[Charalambidou 2003] A How far can the freshwater bryozoan Cristatella mucedo disperse in duck guts? Iris Charalambidou et al 2003 English   No scan 11.12
[Dahl 1930] C Die Tierwelt Deutschlands, Teil 17 Molluscoidea und Tunicata Prof. Dr. F. Dahl 1930 Deutsch   No scan Shelf
[Davenport 1891] A Observations On Budding in Paludicella and some other Bryozoa Charles B. Davenport 1891 English   No scan 14.2
[Davenport 1899] A The American Naturalist (July 1899) - Synopses of North-American Invertebrates. I. Fresh-Water Bryozoa Charles B. Davenport 1899 English   No scan 13.11
[Davenport 1904] A Report on the fresh-water bryozoa of the United States Charles B. Davenport 1904 English   No scan 7.4
[dHondt 1970] A Campagne d'essais du Jean Charcot 5. Bryozoaires Jean-Loup d' Hondt 1970 Francois   No scan 6.3
[dHondt 1973a] A La musculature de la larve d' Alcyonidium polynoum (Hassall) Jean-Loup d' Hondt 1973 Francois   No scan 6.4
[dHondt 1973b] A Etude anatomique, histologique et cytologique de la larve d' Alcyonidium polynoum (Hassall) Jean-Loup d' Hondt 1973 Francois   No scan 6.5
[dHondt 1974a] A La metamorphose et la formation du cystide chez d' Alcyonidium polynoum (Hassall) Jean-Loup d' Hondt 1974 Francois   No scan 6.6
[dHondt 1974b] A Etude anatomique et cytologique comparee de quelques larves de bryozoaires ctenostomes Jean-Loup d' Hondt 1974 Francois   No scan 15.11
[dHondt 1976a] A Valeur systematique de la structure larvaire et des particulaires de la morphogenese post-larvaiere chez les Bryozoaires Gymnolaemates Jean-Loup d' Hondt 1976 Francois   No scan 6.7
[dHondt 1976b] A These - Les larves, la metamorphose larvaire et la morphogenese post-larvale chez les Bryozoaires Gymnolaemates Jean-Loup d' Hondt 1976 Francois   No scan 7.1 / shelf
[dHondt 1979] A Ultrastructural characteristics of the various larval cell categories of the gymnolaematous Bryozoa Jean-Loup d' Hondt 1979 English   No scan 6.8
[dHondt 1982a] A Development et morphogenese chez les bryozoaires eurystomes Jean-Loup d' Hondt 1982 Francois   No scan 6.10
[dHondt 1982b] A Inventaire des bryozoaires et entoprocts de luc-sur-mer (Calvados) Jean-Loup d' Hondt 1982 Francois   No scan 12.12
[dHondt 1983] A Sur l'evolution des quatre macromeres du pole vegetatif chez les embryons de Bryozoaires Eurystomes Jean-Loup d' Hondt 1983 Francois   No scan 6.11
[dHondt 1986] A Bryozoaires de Nouvelle-Calcedonie et du plateau des Chesterfield Jean-Loup d' Hondt 1986 Francois   No scan 6.12
[dHondt 2004] A Les bryozoaires marins et déau douce de Tunesie d' Hondt 2004 Francois   No scan 1.0
[Dumortier 1836] B Memoire sur l'anatomie et la physologie des polipiers composees d'eau douce nommes Lophopodes B.C. Dumortier 1836 Francois   No scan 3.9
[van Beneden 1842] A Histoire naturelle des polypides composeés d'eau douce Dumortier et Van Beneden 1842 Francois   No scan 1.1
[Edwards 1998] B Zoological record 1998/1998 Marcia A. Edwards 1998 Francois 0144-3607 No scan 10.1
[Eggelston 1968] A Notes on entoproct biology D. Eggelston 1968 English   No scan 15.6
[Faasse 2004] A Faunistisch overzicht van de mariene mosdiertjes van Nederland (bryozoa: Stenolaemata, Gymnolaemata) Marco Faasse & Hans De Blauwe 2004 Nederlands   No scan 13.4
[Farmer 1973] A Adaptive strategies leading to the ectoproct ground-plan Jack D. Farmer et al 1973 English   No scan 8.9
[Franzen 1982] A Ultrastructure of spermatoids and spermatozoa in the fresh water bryozoan Plumatella (bryozoa, Phylactolaemata) A. Franzen 1982 English   No scan 11.8
[Franzen 1983] A Fine Structure of the Apical Plate in the larva of the fresh water Byrozoan Plumatella fungosa (Pallas) (Bryozoa: Phylactolaemata) A. Franzen 1983 English   No scan 11.9
[Freeland 2001] A Genetic changes within freshwater bryozoan populations suggest temporal gene flow from statoblast banks Joanna R. Freeland et al 2001 English   No scan 12.2
[Geimer 1986] B Les Bryozoaires du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg et des Régions limitrophes G. Geimer et J. A. Massard 1986 Francais 0251-2424 No scan Shelf
[Geisner 1937] A Pectinatella magnifica Leidy an occasional river-pest in Iowa S.W. Geisner 1937 English   No scan 14.9
[Goddard 1909] B Australian freshwater polyzoa E. J. Goddard 1909 English   Scan 11.10
[Goethals 1984] A Composition chimique et ultrastructure de l'ectocyste el la coque des statoblastes de Plumatella repens et Plumatella fungosa B. Goethals et al 1984 English   No scan 8.12
[Gordon 1974] A Microarchitecture and Function of the Lophophore in the Bryozoan Cryptosula pallasiana D.P. Gordon 1974 English   No scan 7.9
[Gordon 1975] A Ultrastructure of communication pore areas in two bryozoans D.P. Gordon 1975 English   No scan 9.5
[Gordon 1975-2] A The resemblance of Bryozoan Gizzard Teeth to “Annelid-like” Setae D.P. Gordon 1975 English   No scan 15.7
[Gordon 1993] A Bryozoan frontal shields: the type species of Desmacytis, Rhamhostomella, Rhamphosmittina, Rhamphostomellina, and new genus Arctonula D.P. Gordon and Andrew V. Grischenko 1993 English   No scan 10.12
[Grabow 2000] C Farbatlas Süßwasserfauna Wirbellose Grabow 2000 Deutsch 3-8001-3145-5 No scan Shelf
[Greenland 1988] A Effects of cage encustration by the Bryozoan Plumatella casmiana on Production of Channel Catfish Donald C. Greenland et al 1988 English   No scan 5.9
[Griffith 2000] C A guide to the examination and investigation of the structure and nature of Microscopic objects J.W. Griffith and A. Henfrey 2000 English   No scan Digital
[Gruhl 2008] A Phylogenetic Significance of Mesodermal and Neural Structures in Bryozoa Alexander Gruhl 2008 English   No scan 13.0
[Grzimek] C Het leven der dieren deel III Prof. Dr.B. Grzimek   Nederlands   No scan Shelf
[Gugel 1996] A Das Moostierchen Plumatella casmiana OKA, 1907
Fauna Flora Rheinland-Pfalz 8: 528-535
Jochen Gugel 1996 Deutch   No scan 2.9
[Halanych 1993] A Suspension feeding by the Lophophore-like apparatus of the Pterobranch Hemichordate Rhabdopleura normani Kenneth M. Halanych 1993 English   No scan 7.11
[Hamilton 1902] B On the occurrence of Paludicella in New Zealand A. Hamilton 1902 English   No scan 1.3
[Harmer 1893] B On the occurrence of Embryonic Fission in Cyclostomatous Polyzoa S. Harmer 1893 English   No scan 14.10
[Harmer 1930] B Polyzoa - Presidential Address delivered at the Anniversary Meeting of the Linnean Society of London S. Harmer 1930 English   No scan 13.10
[Harmer 1959] B Worm, rotifers and polyzoa S. Harmer and A. Shipley 1959 English   No scan Shelf
[Hastings 1931] A Zoological Record VII - Brachiopoda and Bryozoa H.M. Muir Wood and Anna B. Hastings 1931 English   No scan 9.9
[Hastings 1970] A Zoological Record 98 and 100 - Bryozoa (Polyzoa) Anna B. Hastings 1961 1963 English   No scan 11.3
[Hatton 1970] A The zoological record vol 105 - Bryozoa (polyzoa) and Entoprocta Eileen Hatton 1970 English   No scan 10.10
[Hedgpeth 1977] A American Zoologist - Biology of Lophophorates Joel W. Hedgpeth et al 1977 English   No scan 8.8
[Heding 1938] A The zoology of Iceland - Freshwater bryozoa S.G. Heding 1938 English   No scan 8.6
[Hill 2006] A A rare species or just overlooked? Assessing the distribution of the freshwater bryozoan Lophopus crystallinus S. Hill et al 2006 English   No scan 1.6
[Hoc 1963] B Die Moostiere (Bryozoa) den deutschen Süß-, Brack- und Küstengewässer Siegfried Hoc 1963 Deutsch   No scan 3.5
[Hyatt 1866] A Observations on Polyzoa sub-order Phylactolaemata Alpheus Hyatt 1866 English   No scan 2.6
[Ihle 1906] B Beijdragen tot de kennis van de morphologie en systematiec der appendicularien I.E.W. Ihle 1906 Nederlands   No scan Shelf
[Jebram 1972] A Stolonen-Entwicklung und Sytematik bei den Bryozoa Ctenostomata D. Jebram 1972 Deutsch   No scan 6.0
[Jebram 1973a] A Preleminary observations on the Influences of Food and other factors on the growth of Bryozoa D. Jebram 1973 English   No scan 6.1
[Jebram 1973b] A Ecological aspects of the phylogeny of Bryozoa D. Jebram 1973 English   No scan 13.7
[Jebram 1975] A Dauerknospen ("Hibernacula") bei den Bryozoa Ctenostomata in mesohalinen und vollmarinen Gewassern D. Jebram 1975 Deutsch   No scan 6.2
[Jebram 1977] A Monster zooids in Cryptosula pallasiana D. Jebram 1977 English   No scan 8.5
[Jebram 1978] A Influences of different diets on Growth and Forms of Coponeum seurati (CANU) D. Jebram 1978 English   No scan 8.1
[Jebram 1985] A The ontogenical and supposed phylogenical fate of the parietal muscles in the Ctenostomata (Bryozoa D. Jebram 1985 English   No scan 8.2
[Job 1976] A Intervention des populations de Plumatella fungosa (Pallas) dans l'autoepuration des eaux d'un entang d'un ruisseau P. Job 1976 English   No scan 2.3
[Junge 1898] C Lophopus cristallinus Pall. bei Hamburg A. Junge 1898 Deutsch   No scan  
[Kerkut] C The invertebrata G.A. Kerkut   English   No scan Shelf
[Kipp 2010] A Transoceanic ships as vectors for nonindigenous freshwater bryozoans R. Kipp et al 2010 English   No scan 14.6
[Kraepelin 1887] B Die Deutschen Süsswasser-Bryozoen I - Anatomisch-systematischer teil Prof. Dr. K. Kraepelin 1887 Deutsch   No scan 10.0
[Kraepelin 1892] B Die Deutschen Süsswasser-Bryozoen II Entwickelungsgeschichtlicher teil Prof. Dr. K. Kraepelin 1892 Deutsch   No scan 10.6
[Kuc 1973] A Fossil statoblasts of Cristatella mucedo Cuvier in the Beaufort formation and in interglacial and postglacial deposits of the canadian artic M. Kuc 1973 English   No scan 14.0
[Lacourt 1949a] B Bryozoa of the Netherlands A. W. Lacourt 1949 English   No scan  
[Lacourt 1949b] A Les bryozoaires d'eau douce (Phylactolaemata) de la Belgique A. W. Lacourt 1949 Francais   No scan 13.8
[Lacourt 1968] B Zoologische Verhandelingen - a monograph of the freshwater Bryozoa - Phylactolaemata A. W. Lacourt 1968 English   No scan 2.12
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[Lacourt 1982] B Handleiding voor het project bryozoa van binnenwateren A. W. Lacourt 1982 Nederlands   No scan 2.11
[Lemche 1963] B The origin of the Bryozoa Phylactolaemata
Reprint of Vidensk. Medd. fra Dansk naturh. Foren. bd. 125
H. Lemche 1963 English   No scan 10.8
[Luther 1924] A Über das Vorkommen der Bryozoe Victorella pavida im Finnischen Meerbusen Prof. A. Luther 1924 Deutsch   Scan 9.12
[Luther 1927] A Über das Vorkommen der Bryozoe Victorella pavida S. Kent im Finnischen Meerbusen bei Tvärminne Prof. A. Luther 1927 Deutsch   No scan 10.5
[Lutzen 2008] A Ultrastructure of spermatogenesis and sperm in Cristatella mucedo Cuvier Jorgen Lutzen, Ase Jespersen, Claus Nielsen 2008 English   No scan 8.0
[Maciorowskp 1974] A The occurrence of the freshwater bryozoan Pottsiella erecta (Potts) 1884 (Gymnolaemata, Paludicellidae) in lake Erie Anthony F. Maciorowskp 1974 English   No scan 11.1
[Makarow 1040] A Uber das Vorkommen des Moostierchen Lophopus crystallinus Pallas in den Flussen Dnjestr und Dnjepr A. K. Makarow 1940 Deutsch   No scan 3.6
[Malchow 1977] A Der Verdauungstrakt von Plumatella repens (L) (Bryozoa, Phylactolaemata) Claus-Peter Malchow 1977 Deutsch   No scan 11.7
[Marcus 1925] C Biologie der Tiere Deutschlands - Teil 47: Bryozoa E. Marcus 1925 Deutsch   No scan 7.10
[Marcus 1934] B Über Lophopus crystallinus E. Marcus 1934 Deutsch   No scan 9.10
[martinovic 2008] A First record of freshwater bryozoans (Bryozoa: Phylactolaemata)in the aquatic invertebrate fauna of Serbia Vesna M.Martinovic-Vitanovic et al 2008 anglish   No scan 13.5
[Massard 1991a] A Note sur les Bryozoaires d'eau douce trouves en diverses stations luxembourgoises et belges Jos A. Massard & Gaby Geimer 1991 Francais   No scan 8.4
[Massard 1991b] A Additional note on the freshwater Bryozoa of Tenerife (Phylactolaemata) Jos A. Massard & Gaby Geimer 1991 English   No scan 12.11
[Massard 1992] A Additional note on the fresh and brackish water Bryozoa of Israel (Phylactolaemata, Gymnolaemata) Jos A. Massard & Gaby Geimer 1992 English   No scan 12.4
[Massard_1995a] A Das Moostierchen Fredericella indica kommt in Bayern vor (Bryozoa, Phylactolaemata Jos A. Massard & Gaby Geimer 1995 Deutsch   No scan 11.0
[Massard_1995b] A On the distribution of Plumatella casmiana in the European and Mediterranian parts of the Palaeartic region (Bryozoa, Phylactolaemata) Jos A. Massard & Gaby Geimer 1995 Deutsch   No scan 14.4
[Massard 2002] B Occurrence of Pectinatella magnifica (Leidy, 1851)in the Germany-Luxembourg border region near Bech-Kleinmacher (Luxembourg) end Nenning (Germany) Jos A. Massard and G. Geimer 2002 English   No scan 1.10
[Massard 2008a] A Occurrence of Plumatella emarginata Allman, 1844 and P. casmiana Oka, 1908 (Bryozoa, Phylactolaemara) in Lake Pamvotis (Ioannina, Greece) Jos. A. Massard and G. Geimer 2008 English   No scan 14.3
[Massard 2008b] A Global diversity of bryozoans (Bryozoa or Ectoprocta) in freshwater: an update Jos. A. Massard and G. Geimer 2008 English   No scan 14.5
[Mawatari 1934] A The post-larval development of Membranipora serrilamella Osburn Shusuke F. Mawatari 1934 English   No scan 9.4
[Mawatari 1973] A New occurrence of Pectinatella magnifica (Leidy) in a Japanese lake Shinzuo Mawatari 1973 English   No scan 3.0
[Matawari 1973] B New occurrence of Pectinatella magnifica (Leidy) in a Japanese lake S. Matawari 1973 English   No scan 3.10
[Mol 1984] C Limnofauna Neerlandica A. W. M. Mol 1984 Nederlands   No scan Shelf
[Mukai 1974] A A Histochemical study of a Freshwater Bryozoan Pectinatella gelatinosa Hideo Mukai 1974 English   No scan 8.11
[Mukai 1977] A Effects of Chemical Pretreatment on the Germination of Statoblasts of the Fresh-water Bryozoan Pectinatella gelatinosa Hideo Mukai 1977 English   No scan 8.10
[Mukai 1978] A An anomalous Mode of Statoblast Formation in Fresh-water Bryozoans Hideo Mukai 1978 English   No scan 9.6
[Mukai 1990] B Comaparative studies of American, Europese and Japanese forms of Pectinatella emarginata, a freshwater bryozoan H. Mukai, B. Backus, T. Wood 1990 English   No scan 3.4
[Mundy 1980] B A key to the British and European Freshwater Bryozoans S.P. Mundy 1980 English 0-900386-39-8 No scan 9.11
[Munoz 1991] A Effect of encrusting bryozoa on the physiology of their algal substratum J. Munoz, J. Cancino, M. Molina 1991 English   No scan 15.0
[Nehring 2005] A International shipping - a risk for aquatic biodiversity in Germany Stefan Nehring 2005 English   No scan 7.8
[Nielsen 1976] A Structure and function of an entoproct tentacle with a discussion of ciliary feeding types Claus Nielsen 1976 English   No scan 7.5
[Nielsen 1996] A Three new species of Loxosoma (entoprocta) from Phuket, Thailand, with a review of the genus Claus Nielsen 1996 English   No scan 10.11
[Notteghem 1999] A Pectinatella magnifica (Leidy 1851) Une nouvelle espèce de bryozoaires pour la Bourgogne P. Notteghem 1999 Francais   No scan 1.11
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[Oda 1980a] A A note on bryozoa in lake Shoji, Japan S. Oda 1978 English   No scan 3.2
[Oda 1980b] A Sexual reproduction in Pectinatella gelatinosa, a freshwater bryozoan S. Oda 1980 English   No scan 3.3
[Okamura 2007] A Phylogeography of the rare bryozoan, Lophopus crystallinus Beth Okamura 2007 English   No scan 13.1
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Larvae of Hyalinella punctata
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[Rogick 1941c] A Supplementary note on the effect of the 1938 hurrycane M. D. Rogick 1941? English   Scan 5.2
[Rogick 1942] A Studies of fresh-water bryozoa XII
A collection from various sources
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[Rogick 1943a] A Studies of fresh-water bryozoa XIII
Additional Plumatella casmiana data
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[Rogick 1943b] A Studies on fresh-water bryozoa XIV
The occurrence of Stolella indica in North America
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[Rogick 1944] A Studies on fresh-water bryozoa XV
Hyalinella punctata growth data
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Fredericella australiensis - Artikel in Biological Bulletin vol 89
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